When it comes to taking a caravan around the UK, there are few places that can beat North Wales for sheer accessibility and scale.

On a recent trip through Snowdonia, in the brand new Adria Alpina 613UL Colorado, I explored the rich cultural heritage that the region is packed full of and tried to take as many photos as possible as I drove through one of Britain’s most striking locations.

Let’s get this out of the way first: the Alpina is, and probably always will be, one of my favourite models of caravan. Adria have been designing and building their models for the last 45 years. With each passing year, they have found a way of refining their economical design choices whilst retaining the quintessential feeling of a traditional caravan.

From the side, its blue panels (adorned with some unobtrusive 70s lines and stripes) evince the ordinary look of a budget caravan (a new 2017 model will only set you back a modest £27,000), however take a walk around and your opinion will soon change. At the front and rear of both the Colorado and Missouri model, gleaming silver panels draw the eye and the newly improved panoramic windows stand out as particularly attractive features.

Park the Alpina 613UL up in one of Snowdonia’s many excellent Caravan Parks and you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous views from a position of superior comfort in the comfortable lounge area. I took my wife and two kids along for the ride, a decision that could have had us screaming at each other from Day 1, but the sheer majesty and tranquillity of the peaceful Snowdonia mountains silenced any possible conflicts.

There are several routes that you can take through Snowdonia National Parks, along any of the well maintained roads you are bound to be treated to sumptuous views of the surrounding lakes and mountains (weather permitting of course). The pinnacle of all these is, of course, Snowdon (never to be referred to as ‘Mount Snowdon’, the locals are always keen to remind you).

Snowdon is a huge boon for North Wales, a modestly sized peak that can be conquered by the smallest of legs but still feels like an accomplishment for all. There are several routes up to the peak, which is home to a cafe that is open during the Summer and a Mountain Railway (that operates between mid-March and October). Its a good idea to get an early start, especially if you’ve got young ones in tail who might need regular breaks.

Once you’ve got a handle on North Wales’ mountainous region, head out through the Park to the coast. Although delightful seaside towns dot the coastline (Ryl and Caernarfon are particular gems) there really only is one that you need to see. Llandudno is the quintessential seaside resort, made popular during the Victorian times. Grand hotels line the shore line and there’s even an Alice in Wonderland trail that kids can follow (just one of many literary things to do in North Wales). You can silence any hungry bellies with Award-winning Ice Cream or traditional Fish’n’Chips.

Taking the Adria Alpina 613UL out onto the stunning roads of North Wales was a treat that I’ll be indulging in again before too long.

Take a caravan out there yourself, you’re likely not to regret it.